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(Demo release trailer)

Tracks of Thought Demo

Date: May 2021 - July 2021
Software: Unity

I worked on the trailer and demo of Tracks of Thought as a technical artist. Tasks I did ranged from creating animations with variable sprites to implementing a smooth texture swap and fixing visual bugs.

For the animation that shows before card battles start, Sam Morris created a couple of animatics, which I animated in Unity. I also designed and programmed the functions that display the correct name and character sprite for each character, which is necessary for the different battles.

The fade to a different material makes use of propertyblocks to limit material instancing, and was cut for the demo but made it into the trailer. It also laid the groundwork for the current in-game tech that handles the swiching of the materials, which was rather easy to implement after making the trailer shot.

Battle Start Animation
Battle Start Animation Mockup
Moodswap System