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Quackromancer: Ducktape Re-Pair

Date: Global Game Jam 2020 (January)
Software: Unity

Waddle into the paddle of a lonely duck who seeks to create their perfect part-ner out of waste materials.
In this year's theme repair our team Schrodingers CATastrophe decided we would create a game in which a duck collects garbage and combines it to repair a new duck out of it.

During this game jam I was responsible for creating custom shaders: stylized water, wavy unlit foliage, a lemna shader we ended up not using, and some particles like the wind swoopies and water rings.

My teammates were:
Frank Rombouts: concept artist
Daphne Zwarts: 3D character artist
Kian Kreikamp: 3D environment artist
Greg Candel: audio designer
Ronald van Egdom: movement programmer
Sofie Vos: pickup and UI programmer

water shader
lemna shader