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Huevember 2020 by Josien Vos

Huevember 2020

Date: November 2020
Software: Unity

In november 2020 I decided to participate in huevember, specifically based on an emoji prompt list by @esmmazing (link). I wanted to focus on learning something new every three days, by making small 3D sketches in Unity loosely based on the prompt and with no further connection to each other.
This allowed me to try on different artstyles, subjects, and puts me on clear deadlines, so that I can try and fail fast at things.

Towards the end of the month I had too much work to be able to finish the challenge, but I did learn a lot during the ones I did do.

Bee Friend

Autumn Tree

Peach's Crown

Pink Umbrella

Cracked Crystal Ball

Glowing Mushrooms

Caustics test