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AR Love Story, stylized 3D characters in an augmented reality app - work for Wonderment by Design - Josien Vos Portfolio
Kippensjans, a dressup game with point-and-click mechanics and silly, silly chickens, made for Global Game Jam 2024 - Josien Vos Portfolio
Magnet Opus is a simple platformer in which the bright visuals lean heavily on the thick wobbly outlines of objects, and bright pops of colour. Made for Global Game Jam 2022 - Josien Vos Portfolio
An augmented reality game in which 3D dinosaurs on flying saucers help kids in physical rehabilitation build a virtual tower to train their real muscles - work for Holomoves - Josien Vos Portfolio
Niantic Crown Chase, an AR multiplayer car game with a physical racing track and chillwave visuals - work for Wonderment by Design - Josien Vos Portfolio
A realistic 3D model and render of a guitar with a custom front plate, with emphasis on the glitter shader - Josien Vos Portfolio
A 3D lightning visual effect inspired by the comic book look of the Spiderverse films - Josien Vos Portfolio
Indiana Bones, a carrot with sunglasses and a shovel, in a 3D hack and slash game for Global Game Jam 2023 - Josien Vos Portfolio
A virtual card with a holographic glitter shader, that bears the image of an axe - Josien Vos Portfolio
Eendenvijver, or Duck Pond, a duck-feeding no-stress game with a focus on visual artstyle - Josien Vos Portfolio