Nooks 'n Crannies

Date: January 2021
Software: Unity, Maya
Project type: Global Game Jam (48 hours)

For this year's global game jam, of which the theme was "lost and found", I worked together with Frank Rombouts to create a relaxing short game experience in which a player finds critters in nooks and crannies of a ruined building.
We chose simple gameplay which allowed us to spend more time on designing the environment, creating assets, and even do some polish and optimization.

My teammate and I shared responsibilities for art direction and 3D modelling. Besides that, I was responsible for the shaders, effects, and lighting, as well as the programming and UI.
Frank Rombouts was responsible for the level design, textures, and colours.

After the game jam ended, we did some more optimization and hotfixes while receiving feedback from players at, and I reworked the custom gradient fog a little so that it was easier for my teammate to work with.

You can try the game in-browser over on itch: