Date: September 2019 - January 2020
Materials: Unity, Maya, Photoshop
Project type: conceptual project at HKU

PACE is a project I worked on for almost half a year. It is a fast-paced 1 vs 1 parkour game, in which players attempt to outpace their opponent and capture the most Holofields before the timer runs out. The game makes players quickly switch between chasing the other player, and (re)capturing the Holofields.

During this project, I worked on a broad variety of tasks. I was mainly in charge of the environment art, shaders and VFX, but have also done some concept art, level design, branding, and UI design.
Almost every environment art asset and shader or effect is made by me, with the exception of the launchpads, the outer arena, and the skybox.

My teammates during this project were:
Tom Slootbeek: game designer, producer.
Marlon Sijnesael: gameplay programmer.
Melvin van Berkel: animator.
Stijn de Koning: music composition and audio design.
Frank Rombouts: freelance concept artist.