Date: January 2024
Software: Unity, Photoshop
Project type: Global Game Jam (48 hours)

The theme of Global Game Jam 2024 was what makes you laugh, and after a short brainstorm we landed on chickens. Kippensjans is a dress-up game that clucks the story of a chicken who seeks a fun outfit. The goal: impress on the first date. Maybe even… get a laugh. Help out hens with their half-baked problems and they help you pick out the right style!

My role during this jam was creating the chicken art and animation, the date scene, developing the dressup mechanic, and UI/UX. After that, I picked up all kinds of small tasks including (but not limited to) creating the main menu and scene management, language swapping, audio design and implementation, building and publishing.

My teammates were:
Rolo: writing, chicken dress up item art
Roos: environment art, programming
Sarah: programming

You can try the game in a webplayer on itch: