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HKU Introduction Game

Date: July-August 2019
Software: PHP

I was part of the team that organized the 2019 HKU introduction week for our school Games&Interaction. To enhance this year's theme, 'spies', we decided not to simply reward teams with points or fake gold clumps (which we usually do), but with QR-codes. These codes would each lead to a new puzzle, or a hint for such a puzzle, and solving these would gain the team of new students a significant amount of points.
It was my task to design a handful of simple puzzles that required a lot of hints to solve, but otherwise wouldn't be too complex, as the goal was to enable most teams to solve all puzzles within limited time. To fit the amount of other themed games during the week, I created 6 puzzles, the accompanying hints, and all the webpages that they required. Filling the right answers into the pages granted a team one of 6 images that, combined, would show a picture of a wolf. The combined picture would grant even more points.

answers that were sent in
colorcoded webpages
playtest beforehand