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(playtests and presentations, video by programmer Sten Duindam)

Wreck it Richard

Date: from November 2017 until January 2018
Software: Unity, Arduino IDE, Maya, Photoshop
Hardware: Arduino, wood, wiring and resistors

Wreck it Richard is an augmented virtuality arcade game I worked on during a longer group project: Hybrid Spaces.
In this game, different types of blocks fall from the sky onto a grid. When they reach the top, the game is over. A player hits a physical sledgehammer on a projection of the game, breaking the in-game blocks.

My role in this project: hardware, secondary concept- and 3D artist

I was responsible for building and implementing the sensor that recognises the hammer input location in a grid. I built the frame in the wood workshop and soldered the iron wires to the back, along with writing the code to send the code from the Arduino to Unity.
Besides creating the physical component of our game, I also drew part of the concept art (the blocks and background), and later modelled the blocks.

My other teammates were:
Sten Duindam: project manager, lead programmer
Ivo van Ooijen: lead designer
Tom van Dijk: concept artist, music composer
Anthonie Goes: secondary designer, UI designer, social media
Melvin van Meeteren: particles, 3D artist

blocks concept art
in the soldering workshop
heated gameplay
cat in a ghost block (in-engine)
water slime explosive clock block (in-engine)